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Today my aunt, my cousin Daphne, Bram and I went for a little outing to some parks in this region. We wanted to spend the morning in one park, eat pancakes there and go to the other park for the rest of the afternoon. The first park however (Kelchterhoef) was so disappointing we left after walking there for half an hour to find nothing happening. The pancake place wasn't there anymore, just an empty building, another place to eat was closed on thursday, and the other place was used for a private party. The midget golf terrain was filled with goats, chickens, donkeys and other animals from the little animal park that should be next to the midget golf terrain. I can tell you the whole terrain was covered under shit! Blergh! So we left...

So we arrived early at Bokrijk, which is mostly known for the open air museum, full with original little old houses with furniture and everything from Belgium that are rebuild in this park. You can visit it and look how people lived back then, see the little beds, the materials they used to work the land, prepare meals, ... Some days there are even people in costume showing everything. It's pretty nice, but you know, we have seen it all before, so we didn't go in.

So we first went to the playground, where Bram and I jumped on a big trampoline, which was a lot of fun, and he did several slides and stuff, but then we got hungry. After lunch, we found ourselves a nice place in the shadow and Bram went to play in the water playground. He had a lot of fun of course and we just relaxed. Unfortunately the air became grey, so we got Bram out of the water, wanted to feed the animals with the bread we took along from the lunch, but we weren't allowed... Then it starting raining a little so we went home. But all in all, we had a nice day and I'm sure Bram will sleep very well tonight!


Jul. 8th, 2005 12:17 am
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Tomorrow 's Bram's last day here, and overall we've had a great time with him being here.

Excited as he was, he didn't sleep that much sunday night, resulting in him being sick of tiredness monday evening. We put him in his bed really early and he slept until 10am next morning. Since then he's been full of energy and enthusiasm.

We went swimming, played boardgames and videogames, went skating, read comics in the tent, walked and cycled, ate icecream, made a little artwork, ... and tomorrow we'll go to the movies to see Madagascar.

This week flew by, although I will be happy as well to have some time for myself again ;)
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He's the second one, with the glasses :) See more? )
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I enjoyed the weekend, but wow, it was hot again... Friday, my sister and I went for our annual icecream moment ;) We don't get along too well, but once a year, at the beginning of the summer, we go out for icecream, just the two of us. It was okay, nothing great, just okay. The evening ended with a thunderstorm, and so it did cool off a little.

Saturday Michel and I were invited for a brunch at our friends' place. Wim was also invited. Karen and Michaƫl prepared lots of yummy things and we spend until late afternoon chatting, drinking and snacking. It was great to see them all again, we used to study together at university, so now we try not to loose contact and that's working out pretty well for now. Sitting in the sun all afternoon, I did get sunburned, eventhough I kept putting sunblock on.

Today was Bram's school festival. Every class does a little performance and afterwards there are games, horserides and food. The weather was great again, so people were really enjoying themselves. Me too ;) Made some pictures of Bram's performance ;) But they'll follow...


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