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Michel has been Christmas shopping this afternoon. When I just came home I immediately saw two beautifully wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. Curious as I am, I checked them out and I think I already know what I'm getting. The first are slippers, because you could feel it very well and I needed new slippers. I actually bought slippers a while ago, but they are just not that comfortable as they seem the first two minutes you wear them. So I end up walking around on my socks. Hopefully the slippers are cute or funny :) The other was also very easy as it has a sticker of "Ici Paris" on it. I'm pretty sure it's the shower gel of my favourite smell, which is Ultraviolet of Paco Rabanne. That's my daily perfume and I once bought the shower gel with a voucher I got from work. Because it's a pretty expensive shower gel I only used it once in a while, special occasions, you know. One day I thought of using it again and it was completely empty!! An intensive interrogation learned me Michel had used it because his showergel was empty and this one smelled so good. Urgh!! So I think he now wants to make up for it, which is pretty sweet! This time I will put it away safely though!
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