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I had a good time at the pool, relaxing most of the time, swimming a bit to refresh myself. Didn't get a tan, but didn't get sunburned either, so that's good. I try to convince myself tans are out. Guess that's why the stores are full of those selftanning sprays. Which I will never use again. Until I forget the ridiculous looking spots and stripes they left on my legs the last time I used them.

Vero, I already wrote you a letter back tonight :p I was so eager to write that I couldn't wait any longer. Maybe I should be lazy for a few days and not mail it yet? :p
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Beautiful weather again. Okay, probably too hot for those who are at work. My 15 years old cousin Daphne just called me if I wanted to join her and her 13 years old sister Claudia to go swimming. Okay, they mainly asked me because I have a car and can give them a lift ;) Now we asked our cousin Kelly (24) as well, so we're with a nice group.

But first I have to get my new sets of contacts. My eyes got worse again :s Not good!! Nice optician though, I got several little bottles of neutralisation fluid for free.

Got my hair in two pigtails, I look funny :p

Bathing suit or bikini... No, this is not a question you have to answer :p I'll look in the mirror and decide myself ;)
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I enjoyed the weekend, but wow, it was hot again... Friday, my sister and I went for our annual icecream moment ;) We don't get along too well, but once a year, at the beginning of the summer, we go out for icecream, just the two of us. It was okay, nothing great, just okay. The evening ended with a thunderstorm, and so it did cool off a little.

Saturday Michel and I were invited for a brunch at our friends' place. Wim was also invited. Karen and Michaƫl prepared lots of yummy things and we spend until late afternoon chatting, drinking and snacking. It was great to see them all again, we used to study together at university, so now we try not to loose contact and that's working out pretty well for now. Sitting in the sun all afternoon, I did get sunburned, eventhough I kept putting sunblock on.

Today was Bram's school festival. Every class does a little performance and afterwards there are games, horserides and food. The weather was great again, so people were really enjoying themselves. Me too ;) Made some pictures of Bram's performance ;) But they'll follow...


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