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Why this poll? Well, my sister bought herself a new mobile, just because she felt like getting a new fancy one. Now, that surprised all of us because she told us last tuesday she was becoming pretty short on money and there will be quite some bills for her to pay soon. Any way, she bought herself a pretty fancy new mobile, it's a Samsung, but I don't know which one, it was 400 euros. I'm just surprised that someone being short on money can give so much money to a mobile. Of course, for that money, you get a whole package of special functions, which I personally think are just there to tell people your mobile can do all these things. Hehe, I just never see a lot these functions being used, but I could be wrong of course. I mainly use my own mobile to call and to send text messages, oh, and sometimes I use the alarm clock as well (to be sure!). I don't really use the other functions, and my mobile already has quite a lot, but well, I got it for free, by signing a contract for a year. This is my third phone, and my mother bought my second because I got this one for free. So I never have put a lot of money in my mobiles (about 100 euros in total) and I plan to keep doing this. I know a lot of other great ways to spend money. Anyway, I'm just not into these thingies, as a matter of fact, I was one of these people saying I would never get one. But! People are different, so I'm interested to hear about your thoughts about mobiles, do you really use these features, why is there the urge to keep on buying the newest thingies? And is it really worth all that money? Tell me!!!


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