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So I went shopping again yesterday, bought two cute Pucca tops, two other tops, a classy white sleeveless cache coeur and... a skirt! Maybe you are not surprised, but people who know me irl, know that I hardly ever wear skirts. Mainly because I don't think many skirts look good enough on me. Now I found a rather pretty one and I think it looks okay. It's a pretty special design, but not too special and it fits great, it wears easy and that's what I need. It was rather expensive but with the 50% discount it was affordable. Now I should wear it because it still is too much money to have it laying around in the closet.

I did clean up my closet by the way and I have thrown away some clothes again that I don't like anymore and probably won't like again in the future. Michel and I also acted like real handymen and we added 3 shelves to my closet which makes it a lot easier to put away my clothes.

Oh yes, there was also the movie on friday, which was pretty good. Not the best ever, but good enough. We had some laughs, well more than enough, but the story was pretty simple. Great for kids though and enjoyable enough for grown ups, although it's not one I would want on DVD to watch again more than once.

On friday we suddenly didn't have anything on tv anymore but snow. Apparently some drunk guy crashed against the electricity pole, which left a whole street without power and the whole neighbourhood without cable. He even tried to run, taking off his licence plate and running away. Police found him soon enough though. Car was total loss of course. Luckily he didn't hurt anyone by driving like that...


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