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Last night I played some LJ pingpong with Monique, which was a great activity to forget about the dance class fuss etc. When I finally got into bed I was too tired to do anything but fall in a deep sleep ;)

Today I'm taking it easy, playing on LJ, reading, doing a bit of Spanish and maybe answering the letters that have arrived... :)
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I think I want to change my journal layout... With the tags I think it would be a good idea to switch to S2, but I might need some help with that. If anyone of you has nice ideas for my layout or wants to answer some questions I might have, let me know.
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I updated my friendslist. It was getting too much and I noticed I couldn't keep up with all the entries in a decent way. Based on the interaction and/or connection we have or don't have, I decided to let go almost half of my friendslist.

For the people I let go, I'm sure most of you feel the same about not having much interaction (anymore). So I hope there won't be any hard feelings, and who knows we'll see eachother in some shared friend's journal.
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On days like these, when you're bored and nothing's happening on LJ, it's always fun reading entries from a year, two years or three years ago...


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