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The first was about my diploma. In Belgium, you first get a provisional diploma that can be used to prove you achieved the degree until you can get your real diploma. I don't know why it's taking so long to have the real one handed out, but well, that's the way it is here. So, anyway, a while ago, I could get my two real diplomas, but one of them could only be picked up at certain hours during the week. Because that was very difficult for me, I asked my cousin who's still studying there, to get it for me, and he did, right away. And now tonight I was dreaming that I didn't have that second diploma, so I called my cousin to ask if he picked it up and he said he didn't because the university people said I hadn't achieved that degree. So then I'm getting all worked up and say I will show my provisional diploma to prove them, but my provisional diploma is gone!! And then I woke up, checked and found my real diploma... *big sigh*

The other dream was about a penpal that send me a very angry card why I didn't write back. I was very sure that I did send out a letter and that it was her taking so long to write back. But then I checked my folders and found a letter unread from that penpal. I felt so guilty! How can you ever leave a letter unopened! The penpal didn't believe me though, she said I didn't want to write back because it was her birthday and that I didn't want to do anything special for that... Hm, very weird, huh :p


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