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I just see an e-mail from our gymclub's chairman that I won't get the dance hall to practice for all the hours I requested. Our town has a severe short on sports accommodation, it's the same happening every year. Every club wants more hours because of more members and it's just hoping you'll get a room and time that fits.

Now normally you have the right to keep the time and place you had the last year, but in our case, my "place" has to go to somebody else from our club because she needs special accomodation, while I can train wherever there are mirrors. So I agreed to move, if I would be able to at least keep the same moment of practice. Now a few weeks ago I got a message that I would keep the same moment, "more or less", which was one hour later. Not great, but acceptable.

Now we also needed two extra hours a week, because we'll get an extra group (to split up in kids, teens and showgroup, instead of just kids and teens), and the showgroup will get two hours of practice a week instead of just one because they have to perform a lot more and have to be able to come up with a lot of new stuff for the time outs during the handball games. A month ago it was agreed that we would get two hours on monday evening, from 7pm to 9pm, but now the town's sports coordinator has decided some fightclub needs those hours more than we do, and we should practice on wednessday afternoon, because we teach youngsters that go to school. Great, but I don't go to school anymore and I can't keep my wednessdays free. Now we have to try to arrange something else, and all the mirrored halls are pretty much filled up, and the sports coordinator is on holidays until halfway august. And of course we need the schedules to make our brochures... Can I say "Aargghhh"?

It's these things that always make me want to quit. Not the teaching or the dancing... but all the fuss the comes with it... If I was rich, I would build my own dancing school and start by myself with some great people around me. But I'm not rich :p Is it here where I put my paypal thingie? :p


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