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We sent my parents out of the house, so they went shopping for some furniture, well, the first looks around for updating their living room. That way we had the house, and especially the kitchen to ourselves and no curious eyes to see what we were preparing.

Michel was in charge of the Josephine Baker dish, while I would prepare the soup. Both preparations went very well. A first test showed that it tasted pretty good already. Apparently (Michel says so), Jamie Oliver says you always have to try while preparing. Of course, it could be an excuse from Michel to try the yoghurt, the melted chocolate, the yoghurt mengled with the melted chocolate and the whipped cream ;)

We took a little break and then started the rest. Cooking the green beans, washing the potatoes, preparing the sauce. Sent a text message to my parents that they could come home and we started finishing the rest.

They loved the soup and my mom immediately wanted to know how to prepare it so we can have paprika soup more often. My father first thought paprika wouldn't be good to use as a main ingredient for soup, but he has changed his mind by now. Today he ate the soup that was left.

We then served the salmon with the mascarpone sauce, the green beans wrapped in bacon and the potatoes, and they were really surprised because it looked great, and to be honest, it tasted really good as well. It was a good combination as well.

For dessert we served the Josephine Baker dish. Apparently my father doesn't like yoghurt, but he was brave and ate it all. He said the chocolate and the whipped cream helped a lot. My mom loves yoghurt and chocolate, so she really liked this as well...

Anyway, in the end, we were all pretty stuffed, but Michel and I still had some dishes to do. *lol* My parents disappeared again, so no help from them!
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Michel and I are planning to cook a decent dinner for my parents on saturday. How does this sound?

- Paprika cream soup

- Salmon with mascarpone, beans with bacon and potatoes

- Josephine Baker dish (yoghurt with chocolate, bananas and whipped cream)


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