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Apr. 12th, 2007 09:00 pm
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It's spring and that means getting my dance team ready for the annual gymshow. This year we have been focussing so hard on the cheerleading acts that we kind of forgot about this one. I'm a bit worried but I guess stress will kick in soon and we'll be able to work twice as hard. We'll see how it goes. The cheerleading has been a great success this year. Some of you should now, cheerleading is not that common in Belgium, in a sport like handball we're the first in Belgium to do it. Now a few other clubs are trying it out too. Anyway, the handball season will be over soon, and in a few months I will have a month rest (considering the dance classes).

I'm also totally into reading again. Well, not that I ever stopped reading, I'm always reading one or two books, but sometimes it takes ages to finish a book, while the past weeks I've started and finished several books. The most difficult part is always to choose what to read next. I just finished a book yesterday night and I still have to decide what the next book will be.

We finally bought a hometrainer. I think I have been planning to buy one since August or something and now we finally did it. We have it for two weeks now and I have been on it every two days. I put on some dance music and I'm on a roll. I hope to get a bit fitter soon :)

That's it for now ;)


Mar. 9th, 2007 07:46 pm
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I've always had difficulties finding the right shoes, but this year it's been really awful. I haven't found one pair I really liked so far, I only found "those will do"-pairs and I'm getting frustrated. I was longing for the summer to bring shoes I like, but last week when we went shopping it didn't look good. Those are not my kind of shoes. Blergh, I'm the kind of the girl who likes to have 15 pairs of shoes, but nowadays I can't even find one pair that suits me!
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It's been a while since I did that, now isn't it? I don't know why I've been so out of LJ lately. I do pop in every few days, but for one reason or another I can't get motivated enough to do a lot of commenting or writing an entry myself. I guess I should do an effort, because I do miss this way of communicating and it does seems that this way my world is becoming smaller.

I have been neglecting everybody lately, I guess. My LJ friends, my penpals, my real friends. Time just seemed to pass so quickly lately and I just never felt like doing anything. Life has been quite busy lately and I can only hope things will settle a little. Not that a lot of things have happened or something, it's all workrelated.

I'll do my best to spend some time with everybody again, online, letterwise or in real life.

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Merry Christmas to everyone!!

And a happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] goddessofchaos!!
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It has been a while, again... Being busy is nog a good enough excuse, I think I have been isolating myself from the world as much as I could lately. But I'm starting to feel more like communicating again, so I guess that's a good thing. I have missed the social contact in a way, but then again, I couldn't find the motivation or the energy to do something about it. Last night I suddenly felt like spending some time on Livejournal, and guess what, I couldn't post or reply and even going through my friendslist was a bit of a hassle. Ah well, I guess it will work just fine today, so here is my post. I might add some more tonight ;)

I'm back!

Sep. 3rd, 2006 10:15 pm
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We had a wonderful time in Northern Ireland, and I would've loved to have more time to visit other places as well. The highlight for both Michel and me was our visit to the Giant's Causeway. It's so amazingly beautiful there, I just don't have words for it. It just makes me forget about everything else when I look around there... Pictures will never give a good enough idea, but still we took lots of pictures to have something to take with us.

Click for a few pictures )
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We're packed and ready to leave for Northern Ireland. We'll be back by saturday! I don't have much time, so I just want to say, see you all soon!! Bye!!

Short trip

Aug. 17th, 2006 10:21 pm
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We're thinking about going on a short trip to Northern Ireland during the first week I'm off. Leaving on monday, coming back on friday. Staying in Portrush most of the nights, maybe one or two nights in Belfast or Dublin. We're not 100% sure yet, though we've been looking at flights etc. I want to go!!!

Home alone

Aug. 6th, 2006 03:30 pm
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I'm home alone again for the whole evening... After a busy week I'll be happy to do some serious relaxing including taking a bath, reading, writing a letter, spending some time online,...

I actually wanted to work on the first choreographies, but I just hit my little toe on the right against the bathroom door and it's all black and swollen. As long as I don't touch it and don't move it, it's okay. I've put ice on it, and we'll see what happens. Even if it's broken, there's nothing they can do about it anyway so I'll just see how it goes.
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Just a few more weeks and I'll be training again with my streetdance groups. First with the demonstration group as they have to be ready at the beginning of september to dance at the handball games (with their new outfits that should be here by then), then the other groups as well. In a way I'm looking forward to it, I'm full of new ideas, I'd love to dance more again and I'm looking forward to working with these youngsters again. On the other hand, I love how I have more spare time nowadays, being able to do something I feel like almost every night I come home from work and having more of a weekend. This year, I'll probably be teaching mondays, wednesdays and saturdays, although there still could be some changes. Anyway, I should try to prepare some classes now so I don't have too much preparation work during the year, but I know how that goes, I do a little, but not as much as I want and in the end I end up complaining that I wished I would've done more... ah well...
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I didn't get my breakfast in bed yesterday. By the time Michel came home, around 11am, I was up and waiting for him to get home. He didn't feel too well, a result of a few too many heavy beers at the party the night before. So while he was taking a shower to freshen up and feel better, I went out to get breakfast. I thought he might not be feeling like eating, but he did and after our brunch (as it was already that late) he felt a lot better. However not well enough to go outside.

The rest of the afternoon he laid down on the couch, sleeping and watching tv, while I finally finished The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch. "Finally" not because I didn't like it, on the contrary, but because it took me quite some time to read it. It's 900 pages and I just don't get to reading every day anymore and books like this take for a while nowadays. After dinner I started reading Turkish Delight by Jan Wolkers, and I guess it will be finished very soon as it's so thin.

Home alone

Jul. 15th, 2006 11:26 pm
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Michel had to leave early today for a bigband rehearsal, a workshop and a barbecue with afterparty. He's also staying over the night because that's just easier. So I thought I would have a whole 24 hours to spend on my own, which sounded pretty nice to me. But it turned out a bit different as Bram (my godchild) called me to ask if I could take him and one of his sister swimming. They know that I like swimming and with the weather being this hot and sunny, I actually liked the idea, although I had to get used to the idea of not spending my whole day on my own. Before I went to pick up Bram and Claudia, I went to my parents to have lunch there and pick up my trousers that my mom had to make shorter for me. My brother and his girlfriend were also there, so I asked them if they felt like joining to the pool. Katrien felt like it, my brother didn't, so he stayed at my parents to help them with something and Katrien went along with us. The pool was really freshening and the kids were wonderful. After swimming I brought Katrien back to my parents and brought Bram and Claudia back home. My aunt insisted that I should stay there as they were having a BBQ as well and it would be stupid if I would go home and prepare dinner for just myself and I liked the idea of BBQ so I stayed a little longer. Afterwards I played some badminton with Bram and set a date for his next sleepover at our place.

Now I'm home and I'm enjoying the rest of my evening on my own. I just finished a letter, which is now printing and I hope I will be able to finish the book I'm reading (still The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch). Tomorrow, I plan to sleep until Michel comes home and will (hopefully) wake me up with a breakfast in bed... *lol* A girl can dream, right?


Jul. 3rd, 2006 09:22 pm
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It's hot, I'm tired, Michel's watching "The world is not enough" and my mind seems to be blocked. I think I'm gonna lay in my hammock, put on a nice cd, take my book and escape from reality for a while... lovely...
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Oh, there's also good news!!

Today I heard we soon can go to the sponsor with my dance team to try and fit the dance outfits! Exciting!! And I also heard that we'll have good training accomodation for all classes as well with the dance team. Last year, one hour a week was in a dusty gym with no mirrors. Next year, we'll be able to use the same big new gym for all classes. :)
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We've finally bought ourselves a digital camera, so grab your chance, tell me what to take a picture of. Just a few rules! No persons or parts of them, and if I see any other request I can't do, I'll ask you to request something else, okay? Go ahead! I'll be posting the pictures during the week.
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Waiting for one more confirmation call and then I'm out of the office!! Weekend!!

Tonight, preparing dance classes and then cosy night with Michel :)

Tomorrow, dance classes and watching the Eurovision song contest with Wim while we'll have some unhealthy snacks and some nice drinks.

Sunday is still open, I'm hoping for a lazy sunday :)

What are your plans for the weekend?
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We had a great performance!! Woohoo! What a relief, I was so stressed about it, really. I was worried about my girls as we had done a lot of work in the last weeks and I wasn't sure that it was practised enough. But I was also worried about myself. My knees were a mess already and during the last rehearsal I made some stupid mistakes and I was just thinking how I could ruin the whole thing. Anyway, I think we were all pretty stressed, but it kept us focused during the whole choreography and we did it. We had a lot of fun as well, especially during the performance with the different groups together. The choreography of that one was a lot easier because little kids danced along and we were just constantly laughing to eachother. I was proud to show people what we've done with the different dance groups this year. Even my mom said it was amazing. And she's very honest, she once told me it was horrible when just one girl failed during the whole choreography (blackout), and although that happened years ago, I'm still very stressed when my mom is coming to see me or my group dance.

Next week I will be doing some try outs, some of the girls from Kelly's group are interested to go a level higher, but they first have to show they are able to follow my classes and do the steps. There's this one girl who really has it, she's just 13 or 14 but she has the moves, she's not afraid to move her body and she's curious about all the steps. She immediately asked me about several steps she saw in my choreographies so she could practice them at home.
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We just got the sad news that my aunt has passed away...


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